2013-05-30-0601-cnl-conference-191Why Give?

Your support helps the Center for News Literacy continue to be the global leader in News Literacy education, realizing Howard Schneider’s vision of news consumers armed with critical thinking skills that help them sort the journalism from the junk. From the very beginning, philanthropy has been the accelerant of News Literacy’s spread from Stony Brook in 2005 to schools across the globe.

All of the design, testing and distribution of our revolutionary course materials instrumental has been made possible by private funds, spent frugally at a public university. We’re not asking you to build us a shiny new office. We’re asking you to train the next generation of informed and empowered citizens: people who won’t be hoodwinked by opinion posing as journalism or anonymous online nonsense trying to pass as truth.

The hallmark Stony Brook Method of teaching News Literacy thrives and spreads because it is a necessary skill shared widely through the generosity of people like you and foundations like yours.

Make your gift online now to one or more areas of the Center for News Literacy in three simple steps: Enter your information, confirm your gift and receive a receipt of your transaction that you can print for your records. Click here to donate to the Center for News Literacy online.

When you make a gift online, your information is secure and encrypted via Secure Sockets Layers (SSL).

News Literacy Annual Fund

2013-05-30-0601-cnl-conference-233The News Literacy Annual Fund is the pool of gifts from loyal alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends. The dollars are essential to the day-to-day operations of the Center, allowing us to continue building and sharing the freshest, ripped-from-the-headlines course materials with teachers in any school. The list of Annual Fund donors gives us leverage when we apply for grants from charitable foundations and gifts from individuals. Contributions to the annual fund allow us to offer training to underfunded schools and teachers where News Literacy skills make a big difference, keep up with technological advances, and continue on our mission of placing News Literacy courses in every university and high school in the U.S.

Endowed Funds & Bequests and Planned Gifts
Unlike the Annual Fund, which funds immediate needs of the Center and its projects, endowments are permanent funds that generate payouts year after year forever. Center for News Literacy endowments range from completely unrestricted funds, which can be spent on the greatest needs and urgent opportunities at the discretion of the Center’s administration, to scholarships and fellowships, endowed faculty positions or project-specific funds that support the Center’s major initiatives.

We welcome gifts of any size to existing endowments.

You can make a powerful impact on the spread of News Literacy through a bequest or a planned gift. These charitable arrangements let you support us far into the future while providing potential tax and other benefits to the donor.

The simplest way to make a lasting difference is to remember the Center in your will. You can bequeath a specific amount or a percentage of your estate. Your bequest can provide unrestricted support for the Center or benefit a specific News Literacy initiative. It’s your choice.

2013-05-30-0601-cnl-conference-30If you wish to make a major gift without giving up the income during your lifetime, you may wish to consider establishing a charitable remainder trust or gift annuity. These gifts would pay income to you for a specified period of time, after which the assets are distributed to the Center for News Literacy to be used as you direct. Life income gifts can provide tax savings and possibly increase your income while allowing you to make a meaningful gift to the school.

Search the tools and resources on this site to decide how to support News Literacy in the way that suits you.

If you are interested in establishing a new endowment with a minimum gift of $50,000, or have questions about planned gifts, please contact Development Director Gail McCulloch at 631-632-7745 or Gail.McCulloch@stonybrook.edu.

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