Faculty & Staff

Howard Schneider – Dean, Stony Brook School of Journalism

Howard Schneider is the founding dean of the School of Journalism at Stony Brook University, spearheading the team that developed the proposal for SUNY’s first School of Journalism. For more than 35 years. Schneider was a reporter and editor at Newsday. For nearly 18 of those years, he was managing editor and then editor. Under […]

Richard Hornik – Director, Overseas Partnership Program

Richard Hornik is Director of Overseas Partnership Programs for the Center for News Literacy at Stony Brook University, where he has lectured on journalism since 2007. In the fall of 2012, he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Hong Kong. A journalist and news executive with over 30 years of global experience, he […]

Jonathan Anzalone, Ph.D. – Assistant Director & Lecturer

Jonathan joined the Center for News Literacy in 2007 as one of the center’s first Graduate Teaching Fellows.  After completing his PhD with the Stony Brook History Department in 2012, Jonathan stayed at the School of Journalism as a News Literacy lecturer and recitation leader. He also serves as Assistant Director for the Center. In […]

Michael A. Spikes – Director, Digital Resource Center / CNL Chicago Programming

Michael Spikes, is the director of the News Literacy Digital Resource Center and the head of Chicago programming for the Center for News Literacy. He is currently responsible for the management and running of the Digital Resource Center, a multimedia portal for all things related to teaching our model of teaching News Literacy, and assists […]

Erika Karp – Staff Assistant

Erika Karp is a staff assistant for the School of Journalism, Center for News Literacy and Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting. She is responsible for managing the centers’ grants, planning events and coordinating the School of Journalism’s recruitment endeavors. After graduating from Stony Brook with her bachelor’s degree in journalism, Erika began working at […]

Masato Kajimoto – Affiliated Professor

Dr. Masato Kajimoto is an Assistant Professor at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC), the University of Hong Kong. He is also an Affiliate Professor at the Center for News Literacy at the Stony Brook University Department of Journalism. He heads JMSC’s Asia Pacific Digital Citizens Project as the project leader. Masato specializes in […]

Jack Millrod – Professor

Jack Millrod, an assistant managing editor at Newsday and a former editor of Stony Brook’s Statesman, has been teaching News Literacy since 2011. In addition to teaching, Millrod produces digital content and lessons for the center’s Digital Resource Center. Millrod, who graduated from Stony Brook University in May 1980, started his journalism career on campus. […]