The Institute for News Literacy Education

The Institute for News Literacy Education was established in 2018 to support school districts across New York State in preparing students for citizenship in the Digital Age.

The Institute, housed within Stony Brook University’s Center for News Literacy, supports the following initiatives and activities:

  • Partnering with districts to adapt the Center’s pioneering undergraduate curriculum in how to become a more discerning news and information consumer for middle and high school students.
  • Training teachers at a Summer Academy held on the Stony Brook campus.
  • Conducting professional development workshops and ongoing training.
  • Providing financial support to “lighthouse districts” that integrate News Literacy into the required instruction of all students.
  • Developing research into the challenges students face in navigating a transformative news and information landscape, and assessment tools to measure the effectiveness of News Literacy education.
  • Extending News Literacy education in school districts to families and the community.

Additional information about the 2020 Summer Academy will be posted in the near future.